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CEE 3720 Intermediate Solid Mechanics

  • Instructor: Derek Warner
  • Dept: Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Title: Associate Professor
  • Address: 373 Hollister Hall
  • Phone: 607 255-7155
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Lecture: TR 10:10-11:25 HLS 206
Section: T 1:25-2:15pm HLS 306

Fall. 4 credits.

Prerequisites: MATH 2940 , CEE 3710 .

Presents concepts related to inelastic and nonlinear behavior of engineering materials and structures, the concept of continuum, limit and plastic analysis, and fracture. The course is a synergy of mathematical modeling, computer simulations, and physical experimentation.

Outcome 1: Students will be equipped with a strong foundation for understanding concepts related to analysis and design of structures made with any material as encountered in future courses or practice.

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