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Structural Mechanics and Materials

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The Masters of Engineering degree in Structural Mechanics and Materials is a unique, non-traditional educational experience that prepares students for practice at the frontier of structural engineering. The program emphasizes mastery in fundamentals of structural and solid mechanics, scientific computing, construction materials, uncertainty quantification, and condition assessment through sensing and data analysis. This preparation enables graduates of the program to move beyond prescriptive design specifications and building codes as they tackle the pressing structural problems facing society. Such problems include: 1) the development of new, sustainable civil infrastructure materials, along with the supporting design approaches involving these novel materials; and 2) stewardship and management of existing infrastructure in the built environment, as its performance changes in time. The professionals emerging from this program of study will be prepared to join leading design firms, government labs, and corporate R&D centers.

Heather Reed

Heather Reed, center, visiting lecturer in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering,
reviews students’ projects during the Cornell Winter Session course Professional Experience
in Structural Mechanics. The structural mechanics and materials master’s of engineering students
were working on simulating ductile fracture of large-scale structural problems via 
computer models. 

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