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Thinking About CEE for a Major?

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Nadine-Student-2_1Students in the College of Engineering formally affiliate with a major during the first semester of their sophomore year, but it is never too early to come by the CEE undergraduate program office located in 221 Hollister Hall. There our friendly staff will be happy to give you a Handbook designed specifically for the civil engineering or environmental engineering major and to give you tips about course selections you can make before you affiliate that will expedite your completion of the degree requirements for the major. 

Life after affiliation

After you affiliate you are set for a challenging two and a half years of coursework, but this can also turn out to be among the most memorable and satisfying of times as you meet and make friends you will keep throughout your life. Participants in the Co-op summer program have the opportunity to evaluate prospective employers by working with a firm. This unique opportunity provides students with a valuable and engaging experience in their area of interest. 

Tips for freshmen interested in CEE 

Students interested in Civil and Environmental Engineering often get their first taste for this diverse field by selecting one of the two Introduction to Engineering (ENGRI) courses offered by the CEE School: ENGRI 1130 Sustainability Design for Appledore Island and ENGRI 1160 Modern Structures. ENGRI 1130 utilizes a unique environment, Appledore Island, as an example of how sustainability is addressed in the design of basic components of the built environment; energy, water supply and waste treatment. Engineering fundamentals are taught and then students use these fundamentals and their creativity to work in teams to design a sustainable water, wastewater and energy infrastructure system for the island. In ENGRI 1160 students build and test a model structure (sometimes a bridge, sometimes a concrete span, and sometimes both) that must efficiently function under specified conditions. It will take your breath away to see a balsa wood structure withstand a load equivalent to a VW beetle! In you think you are interested in, or want to explore the portions of the Civil field related to structural or geotechnical engineering (or just like to build and break things), then this is the course for you.