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Letter to Alumni

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Sidebar December 14, 2011


Dear Alumni,                                                          
CEE is dedicated to teaching and providing the best educational experience possible for its students.  

Our enrollment in our degree programs, undergraduate, master of engineering, master of science and PhD remain constant in numbers from previous years.   We continue to receive large numbers of highly qualified applications for each of our programs.  

With the ever increasing focus on energy and sustainability all over the world, the level of knowledge and research needed to face the challenges has evolved.  Our faculty have identified important strategic thrusts to address on the rising issues of sustainability.  

The School is currently engaged in two faculty searches with a third search to commence in January. The two open tenure-track positions are in the areas of structural engineering and environmental systems engineering.

The third search will be in the subject area of environmental processes engineering. Future research in this area is expected to focus on the pressing needs of society, driven by increasing scarcities of water and energy, as well as problems of emerging contaminants (e.g. endocrine disruptors and nanoparticles).  Increasingly sophisticated tools (including biomolecular ones) are necessary for such studies; therefore, new faculty hires will require updated environmental processes laboratory facilities.

This is a critical time and will be for several years for CEE, with the attrition of faculty and our need to reaffirm our leadership in education and research. Your support means a lot to the School and our students as we evolve to continue our success amongst our peer institutions.  The students are very appreciative of all that our alumni, and friends do in helping them achieve their educational goals.

I continue to encourage you and your classmates to send in any news or any published stories that we could share on our website.   

Many thanks for your support.

            Best wishes,
                 Philip L.-F. Liu,  Class of 1912 Professor and CEE Director