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Environmental Processes Laboratories Fund

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This environmental laboratory space supports research and teaching in environmental processes, another core subject area in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE), and many complex environmental engineering problems are studied experimentally in the EP laboratory. The laboratory is to be a flexible work environment will be created to provide superior service for our instructional program and core research activities. The facility will be designed to be current with upcoming environmental testing regulations, housing the latest improvements in laboratory methods combined with the most modern instrumentation available today. This facility is slated to include individual workstations where students can connect their laptop computers to the internet and servers. 

Specialization in Environmental Processes Engineering requires an understanding of the biological, chemical, and physical phenomena that affect the behavior and fate of contaminants in natural systems. The facility will incorporate research areas that are planned and designed to ensure effective control of environmental quality. 

Our faculty and students are addressing critical issues related to sustainable energy and environmental protection, and have made breakthrough discoveries of microorganisms to be used in remediation technologies directed at hazardous waste sites. Additionally EP focuses research in the area of water and wastewater treatment processes, and fate and transport of contaminants in natural aquatic systems.

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