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Pawel Woelke


As a leader in Thornton Tomasetti’s Weidlinger Applied Science practice, Dr. Woelke heads the firm’s Industrial R&D efforts, which involve tackling some of the most challenging engineering problems related to fracture and failure of materials and structures subjected to extreme loading conditions. With a strong background in predictive failure analysis, finite element methods and expertise in materials, he is able to provide unique insights into any failure investigation.

Dr. Woelke participated and led multiple vulnerability studies of critical infrastructures in the New York Metropolitan area. He participated in design of the mitigation schemes protecting the structures against explosive, impact, incendiary, thermal and cutting threats. He also participated in planning, execution and investigation of results of multiple full-scale blast tests, conducted in support of the infrastructure protection programs. Dr. Woelke designed multiple new structures to resist explosions and other extreme loading scenarios. His experience includes vulnerability studies and protective design for bridges, tunnels, buildings, storage facilities, retaining walls as well as elements of non-load bearing building envelope.  

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