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Wensi Wu

  • Wensi Wu
  • Dept: Civil and Environmental Engineering
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I was interested in becoming a Civil Engineer since I was a kid when I found joy sneaking into construction sites in China. My passion was encouraged by an internship experience at Arup where I designed a music room for a high school in Brooklyn, New York; my curiosity in the fundamentals of structural analysis and design led me to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering at Cornell University. In college, I worked on a few research projects that ranged from examining various activated carbon pore size distributions on the removal of water contaminants to assessing the performance of fluid-structure interaction problems with variational multiscale method approach. Currently, I am a graduate student in Earls Group working on coupling a structural solver to a computational fluid dynamic package for the study of wave slamming loads in high speed catamarans. 

Outside of work, I am usually in taekwondo practices throwing kicks with an inspiring group of friends.


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