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Mahyar Amirgholy

  • Mahyar Amirgholy
  • Dept: Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Title: Postdoctoral Associate
  • Address: 462 Hollister Hall
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  • Autonomous Vehicles and Automated Highway Systems
  • Demand Responsive and Dynamic Ridesharing Systems
  • Large-Scale Urban Network Modeling and Design
  • Transportation System Sustainability
  • Public Transportation and Logistics Systems
  • Transportation Economics and Dynamic Pricing


  • 2017 Council of University Transportation Centers (CUTC) Milton Pikarsky Award for Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation in Science and Technology
  • 2014 International Road Federation (IRF) Traditional Fellowship Grant
  • 2013 International Transportation Economics Association (ITEA) Kuhmo-Nectar Scholarship


  • Amirgholy, M., Gao, H.O. (2017). Modeling the dynamics of congestion in large urban networks using the macroscopic fundamental diagram: User equilibrium, system optimum, and pricing strategies. Transportation Research Part B, 215-237. Download: Manuscript
  • Amirgholy, M., Shahabi, M., Gao, H.O. (2017). Optimal design of sustainable transit systems in congested urban networks: A macroscopic approach. Transportation Research Part E, 261-285. Download: Manuscript
  • Amirgholy, M., Gonzales, E.J. (2017). Analytical equilibrium of bicriterion choices with heterogeneous user preferences: application to the morning commute problem. Transportmetrica B, 1-33. Download: Manuscript
  • Amirgholy, M., Gonzales, E.J. (2016). Demand responsive transit systems with time-dependent demand: user equilibrium, system optimum, and management strategy.Transportation Research Part B, 234-252. Download: Manuscript
  • Amirgholy, M., Rezaeestakhruie, H., Poorzahedy, H. (2015). Multi-objective cordon price design to control long run adverse traffic effects in large urban areas.NETNOMICS: Network Research and Electronic Networking, 16(1-2) 1-52. Download: Manuscript