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Edwin A. Cowen


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Smart Meter project puts power in the hands of people

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Through a collaboration between Cornell researchers and energy industry partners, New...

Can the Games Be Green?

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Professor Todd Cowen is interviewed in this issue of the New York Times' "Climate FWD" newsletter...

OpEd: New York should change how electricity is billed

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Professor Edwin Cowen discusses the benefits of time-of-use electric rates

Professor Cowen gives invited talk at the Smithsonian Earth Optimism Summit

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Professor Todd Cowen was invited to give the talk "Doing More, Using Less" at the Smithsonian Earth...

Next-Generation Residential Energy Market

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Edwin A. Cowen is leading a team of Cornell researchers and industry partners to help enable a...

Cowen collaborates with Verdant Power on US DoE TriFrame Demo Project

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Verdant Power has been selected by the US Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and...

Lake Source Cooling: Innovation, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability

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Cornell’s Lake Source Cooling (LSC) facility is one of the most significant environmental...

Cornell uses NSF grant to to engage energy consumers in optimizing new residential electric storage systems

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The cutting-edge collaboration aims to bolster grid flexibility, integrate distributed renewable...

Roundtable explores potential of geothermal energy

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An Oct. 17 roundtable discussion will drill deep into the promise of geothermal energy at a time...

Cornell researchers aim to unleash 'smart meter' potential

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Striving for a future with smaller electric bills and a diminished need for more power plants, the...

Three CEE faculty members win teaching awards

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Todd Cowen, Monroe Weber-Shirk, and Mark Turnquist win highest teaching awards within the College...

CEE Professor Todd Cowen appointed as ACSF Associate Director

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Edwin “Todd” Cowen, professor in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, will join the...

Todd Cowen Wins Excellence Award

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Professor Todd Cowen Wins Excellence Award