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With a unique background in both engineering and economics, Ricardo Daziano joined the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Cornell in 2011 as an Assistant Professor. His research focus in on discrete choice models applied to technological innovation in transportation and energy efficiency. 

Dr. Daziano became interested in choice modeling when he realized that he could use his educational background in engineering to understand how people behave. Dr. Daziano was fascinated that the scientific tools from economics, statistics, calculus, and physics that he learned in his first years of undergraduate studies in industrial engineering could be used to explain the process of individual choice. Conventional methods in discrete choice modeling treat forecasts as deterministic, but Dr. Daziano's research aims to overcome this limitation by deriving robust, computationally efficient statistical inference methods for policy-oriented analysis. In addition, his work in choice modeling has a unique focus on surplus-improving decisions for technology development and on finding a path for conversion to sustainable energy sources. Dr. Daziano and his research group analyze and apply econometric tools for advancing our knowledge about consumer adoption of energy innovation in personal transportation. Their work seeks to improve the feedback from demand dynamics to engineering and policy decisions for better transportation decision-making and planning. 

Dr. Daziano has also served as consultant in consumer choice modeling and demand analysis in areas such as transportation and sustainable tourism. In 2010 he worked in a project commissioned by the Inter-American Development Bank and the Government of Bolivia that aimed at negotiating a $20 million loan for developing a national community-based tourism program. The project resulted in successful negotiation of the loan.  


  • PhD in Economics, Université Laval, Québec, Canada, 2010 
  • MSc in Civil Engineering, subject area: Transportation, Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile, 2001 
  • BSc in Industrial Civil Engineering, Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile, 1999

Academic Honors and Awards

  • National Science Foundation CAREER Award, 2013 
  • David Croll Sesquicentennial Faculty Fellowship, 2012 (Gift to launch Cornell's Faculty Renewal Initiative. Donor: Trustee David Croll '70) 
  • Barry McNutt Award in recognition of the 2008 TRB paper (Bolduc, Boucher, and Daziano, 2008) that best met the standards and spirit fostered by Barry McNutt. The award recognizes outstanding contributions to transportation and energy policy analysis and to the development of efficient and effective federal policies related to the automotive sector. This award is given annually by the Energy and Alternative Fuels Committees of the Transportation Research Board of the National Academies

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