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Representative Publications (per topic): 

Stratified turbulent wakes: 

P. Meunier, P.J. Diamessis and G.R. Spedding "Self-Preservation in Stratified Momentum Wakes", Physics of Fluids, 2006,22, article 106601. 

P.J. Diamessis, R. Gurka and A. Liberzon "Spatial Characterization of Vortical Structures and Internal Waves in a Stratified Turbulent Wake Using Proper Orthogonal Decomposition", Physics of Fluids, 2010, 22 article 086601. 

P.J. Diamessis, G.R. Spedding and J.A. Domaradzki "Similarity Scaling and Vorticity Structure of High Reynolds Number Stably Stratified Wakes", Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 671, 2011, pg. 52-95. 

A.M. Abdilghanie and P.J. Diamessis “The Internal Wave Field Emitted by a Stably Stratified Turbulent Wake” , Journal of Fluid Mechanics ; 720, 2013, pg. 104-139. 

Nonlinear effects in internal waves: 

A.M. Abdilghanie and P.J. Diamessis “On the Generation and Evolution of Numerically Simulated Large Amplitude Internal Gravity Wave Packets” , Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics ; 26, 2012, pg. 205-2245. 

Zhou, Q. and P.J. Diamessis “Reflection of an Internal GravityWave Beam off a Horizontal Free-Slip Surface” , Physics of Fluids ; 25, 2013 Article 033601. 

Diamessis, P.J.,Wunsch S., Delwiche, I. and Richter, M.P. “Nonlinear generation of harmonics through the interaction of an internal wave beam with a model oceanic pycnocline ” , (Submitted to Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans). 

Internal solitary wave-induced bottom boundary layers: 

P. J. Diamessis and L.G. Redekopp “Numerical Investigation of Solitary InternalWave-Induced Global Instability in Shallow Water Benthic Boundary Layers” , Journal of Physical Oceanography, 2006, 36, pg. 784-812. 

P. Aghsaee, L. Boegman, P.J. Diamessis and K. G. Lamb “Boundary layer separation and vortex shedding beneath internal solitary waves” , Journal of Fluid Mechanics ; 690, 2012, pg. 321-344. 

Spectral multidomain penalty methods: 

P. J. Diamessis, J.A. Domaradzki and J.S. Hesthaven “A spectral multidomain penalty method model for the simulation of high Reynolds number localized incompressible stratified turbulence” , Journal of Computational Physics, 2005, 202, pg. 298-322. 

P. J. Diamessis, Y.C. Lin and J.A. Domaradzki “Effective Numerical Viscosity in Spectral Multidomain Penalty Method-based Simulations of Localized Turbulence” , Journal of Computational Physics, 2008, 228, pg. 8145-8164. 

J.A. Escobar-Vargas, P.J. Diamessis and F.X. Giraldo “Higher-order discontinuous element-based schemes for the inviscid shallow water equations: spectral multidomain penalty vs. discontinuous Galerkin methods ”. Applied Mathematics and Computation ; 218, 2012, pg. 4825-4848. 

J.A. Escobar-Vargas, P.J. Diamessis and T. Sakai “A Quadrilateral Spectral Multidomain Penalty Method Model for High Reynolds Number Incompressible Stratified Flows” , (in review in the International Journal of Numerical Methods in Fluids). 

J.A. Escobar-Vargas, S.M. Joshi, P.J. Diamessis, C.F. Van Loan “The numerical solution of the pressure Poisson equation for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations using a quadrilateral spectral multidomain penalty method” , (In preparation for SIAM Journal of Scientific Computing). 


W.L. Wan Johari, P. J. Diamessis and L.W. Lion “Mass Transfer Model of Nanoparticle-Facilitated Contaminated Transport in Saturated Porous Media", Water Research. 2010 44, pg. 1028-1037. 

W. Aquino, J.C. Brigham, M. Aguilo and P.J. Diamessis "A Spectral Element Approach for Modeling Soft Biological Tissue under High-Frequency Harmonic Excitation" , Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 2011, 200, pg. 692-698.