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Peter Lo

Peter Lo

Peter Lo
Environmental Fluid Mechanics & Hydrology
School of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Cornell University

Current Research

1. Solitary waves have been widely studied and considered well-understood. With the hope that existing knowledge on solitary waves can be readily extended to slightly-varied wave forms, we investigated a simple variation experimentally by generating two solitary waves separated by various separation time. While the first-wave run-up on a uniform beach remained unaffected by the second wave, the second-wave run-up varied with respect to the separation time. PIV measurements were taken to yield insights into the flow field; considering the PIV data, back-wash wave breaking, and the reflected waves, we provided an physical explanation of the run-up trend. 

2. Submerged horizontal thin-plates have been proposed as a more efficient and less intrusive alternative to conventional breakwaters. Studies conducted in the past focused solely on periodic waves. Using solitary waves, we studied similar problem both numerically and experimentally. Solitary wave transmission and reflection due to the plate differed significantly from those for periodic waves. In addition, PIV measurement revealed strong vortices near the plate edges, raising the question whether the widely-adopted potential flow theory applies to such scenario. 

Research Interests

  • tsunami and long wave run-ups 
  • water wave interaction with impermeable structures 
  • experimental fluid mechanics