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Internships done by prior CEE students

"I learned a great deal from my time in the field and certainly developed a great respect for the people doing this type of work." - Bruno Fong-Martinez, former intern

"Being able to tangibly visualize the real world application of the knowledge I have acquired in my classes in these projects allowed me to see my coursework in a refreshing and practical light.  It also inspired and challenged me to think more deeply about inventive ways to implement what I have learned." - Morgan Mills, former intern

"I gained a lot of confidence as a young professional soon-to-be engineer." - Inshera Abedin, former intern

"As I began my internship experience early on in my college career, I was fortunate to have great mentors at HNTB..." - Kristin Chu, former intern

"In addition to the professional engineers I met along the way, I connected with and have maintained strong connections with the interns who worked in other departments of the firm." - Lauren Klarsfeld, former intern

"it was ... through this experience that I gained a lot of knowledge that expanded beyond my major as an environmental engineer." - Valerie Shao, former intern

"I feel that this experience has provided me with an opportunity to pursue a career that I may not have considered without it." - Kristin Hamaguchi, former intern

"I aided employees as they reviewed and processed construction packages from conception through final inspection." - Matthew Calo, former intern

"It was really exciting being able to see the different aspects of the building industry, first from a construction perspective and then a design/consulting perspective." - Jared Landsman, former co-op participant

"Internships really help you decide whether or not you can see yourself in this position in the near future, and I was able to see myself as an estimator." - Quoc-Daniel Nguyen, former intern

"My internship prepared me for the future in many ways by giving me a real-life application of what I hoped my career would be like and learning to work on a professional team." - Kimberly Bernstein, former intern

Internships and full-time positions

Please check out the following websites for listings for internship and full-time positions:

Summer Internships @ Jacobs Engineering

Internship positions at Jacobs provide college students an opportunity to gain real-world experience in specific area of study. Working in a fast-paced, professional setting provides interns with invaluable experiences applying the knowledge and skills learned through education in a business environment. While working alongside and in support of a group of world-class professionals in your chosen field of study.

Please follow the link provided for each position for the details specific to that assignment.

Intern - Civil/Structural in Conshohocken, PA

Structural Engineer Intern in St. Louis, MO

Intern - Civil (Transportation) in Houston, TX

Civil/Structural Intern in Elkview, WV

Transportation Summer Intern in Fort Worth, TX

AfterCollege Summer and Post Graduation Job Oppotunities

Still looking for a job after graduation, or a paid internship for this summer?  If so, you should check out the Civil Engineering & Environmental Engineering Career Network. AfterCollege works with thousands of companies looking to hire college students and recent graduates.

This site is specifically for current students of your program, and will allow you to:

  • Access exclusive jobs and internships from employers wanting to hire students and new graduates
  • Create a profile to show off your education, projects, and interests to potential employers
  • Apply for many scholarship opportunities
  • Network with department alumni and gain valuable insight about companies that interest you

Join the Career Network here.

AfterCollege recently partnered with the Department of Labor for their Summer Jobs initiative.  The result has been thousands of new career opportunities for job seekers like you on the AfterCollege career network.

Civil Engineering & Environmental Engineering Career Network on AfterCollege

Engineering Co-op Program

Cornell University’s Engineering Cooperative Education program is founded in the College of Engineering’s vision to “prepare our undergraduate students for lifelong creation of knowledge and solutions to complex real-world problems.” Cornell University’s Engineering Co-op program provides an educational opportunity that integrates a student's academic and career interests with paid, productive work experience at cooperating organizations throughout the world. During this experience, students convert theory into practice as they apply classroom knowledge to practical work situations, as well as gain knowledge and skills, which will enhance future coursework. In addition, the program offers students the opportunity to clarify their academic focus and test their career interests and goals. 

Students typically apply for Co-op positions during sophomore year in order to work during junior year. Students must have junior status, prior to the first work term. A cumulative GPA of 2.7 or better and a declared major by the end of sophomore year are required to participate.  

Visit the Engineering Co-op page for more information.