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CEE Alumna Abena Ojetayo recognized by the American Society of Civil Engineers

Monday, January 28, 2013

Abena Sackey Ojetayo

Cornell Engineering Alumna Abena Sackey Ojetayo was recently recognized by the American Society of Civil Engineers as a New Face of Civil Engineering. An excerpt from the ASCE article can be seen below:

“Even as an undergraduate [at Cornell University] I was one of the few engineering students who pursued an international experience,” recalls Ojetayo, who earned a bachelor’s degree in civil infrastructure and sustainable development and a master’s degree in engineering management there. “For example, in 2005 I worked as an infrastructure planner on a development project for [the organization known as] A World Institute for a Sustainable Humanity on the island of Cephalonia [also known as Kefaloniá], which is on the [western] side of Greece. 

“We worked with a small community called Farsa. Historically, it was a really small village but was well established, self-contained, and self-sufficient. Early in the 1950s, the village suffered significant damage from a major earthquake. Since then, most of the community moved away and resettled in another part of the island. [But] years later some community leaders came together and decided to revive their village.”

Upon completing her undergraduate degree, Abena worked for Diversity Programs in Engineering as an Assistant Director. During her time at CEE, she participated in the employee degree program and completed her M.Eng degree. She went on to work on an international development project in Nigeria before returning to Cornell last year. She presently works for Cornell as a project engineer. 

To read the full article on the ASCE website, click here.


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