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Esther Chiew

Esther Chiew  Esther Chiew
  Transportation Systems
  School of Civil & Environmental Engineering
  Cornell University


Esther Chiew is currently a postdoctoral associate at Cornell University under Prof. Jery Stedinger. She is developing and testing a deterministic model that supports the operating decisions of a large multi-reservoir hydropower system. She finished her Ph.D. studies in Transportation Systems Engineering and Economics under Prof. Ricardo Daziano in the Civil and Environmental Engineering department at Cornell University. Her Ph.D. research comprised of two main topics:

·       Comparing the established methods and proposing new methods of building confidence intervals of functions of discrete choice model parameters, with a special focus on willingness-to-pay. Willingness-to-pay comprises of a ratio of parameters, resulting in a host of different problems, including discontinuity, and thus calculating the important confidence intervals is not a straightforward task.

·       Developing and applying a Bayesian model to analyze how the different ticket characteristics can be used to predict probability of passenger cancellation before the flight occurs. The Bayesian model allows for use of the past history of a passenger's flight and ticket details to aid in predicted current and future cancellation behavior. One important measure that is produced is the confidence interval of this probability of cancellation. 

Chiew continues to conduct research in further developing and improving the Bayesian model to predict the probability of passenger cancellation.


Research Interests

Chiew is interested on the use of choice models to analyze consumer behavior and preferences in a number of different settings, especially related to airline, automobile and hospitality industries. She has had experience working with consumer preferences for different vehicle choices, especially for alternative fuel vehicles. Her interest includes identifying and developing more useful policy that will incorporate these consumer preferences.



·       Ph.D. (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Cornell University, 2014

·       M.Eng. (Operations Research and Information Engineering), Cornell University, 2010

·       B.S. (Applied Mathematics), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2009


Selected Publications

·       Chiew E., Daziano R.A., 2015. Bayesian estimation of air ticket cancellation behavior. Presented at the Transportation Research Board 94th Annual Meeting, 2015.

·       Chiew E., Daziano R.A., 2013. Empirical comparison of the confidence intervals for willingness-to-pay. Presented at the Kuhmo Nectar Conference on Transportation Economics, 2013.

·       Daziano, R.A. and Chiew, E. 2013. On the effect of the prior of Bayes estimators of the willingness-to-pay for electric-vehicle driving range. Transportation Research Part D 21, 7-13.

·       Daziano, R.A. and Chiew, E. 2012. Electric vehicles rising from the dead: data needs for forecasting consumer response toward sustainable energy sources in personal transportation. Energy Policy 51, 876-894.

·       Daziano, R.A. and Chiew, E. 2012. Analyzing a probit Bayes estimator for flexible covariance structures in discrete choice modeling. Transportation Research Record 2302, 42-50.  


Selected Awards & Honors

·       Partial Scholarship, Kuhmo Nectar Conference and Summer School on Transportation Economics, 2012 

·       Andrew Schultz, Jr. Award for most outstanding ORIE M.Eng. students, Cornell University, 2010 

·       Silent Hoist and Crane Materials Handling Competition, 2nd Place, Cornell University, 2010