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Spotlight on Students: Justyna Kosianka

  • Affiliation: Structural Engineering
  • Hometown: New York, NY

1) What inspired you to pursue engineering?

Growing up in New York City I've always loved architecture and had great respect for infrastructure.  Being more mathematically inclined than artistically, I chose to pursue structural engineering. After working at a structural consulting firm for a summer I decided that traditional engineering wasn't really for me and decided I would be happier in a research-based Ph.D program.

2) Why did you choose Cornell?

I was most attracted to the CEE department. I was interested in a line of research that was more computational than experimental, and I had that option here at Cornell. I spoke with Professor Earls before choosing to come and he had a project that aligned extremely well with my interests, so I decided Cornell was the best place for me. Also, I didn't want to go too far from home, so Ithaca was still close enough to New York that I could easily go home for the weekend.

3) What are some of your extracurricular activities?

I am currently the President of the CEE Graduate Student Association and the outgoing Social Chair. In my spare time, I enjoy skiing in the winter time and am excited to learn snowboarding this upcoming season. In warmer weather I enjoy bicycling. I also enjoy checking out Ithaca's restaurants and cooking when I have the time.

4) What specific research projects are you currently working on?

My field is computational fluid-structures interaction. I'm currently working on finishing up the coupling of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solver NFA (Numerical Flow Analysis) with the in-house developed CU-BEN Finite element analysis structural dynamics solver. By running a co-simulation we can use the two computer codes to calculate effectively the responses of fluids on the structure of naval ships.

(Justyna works in the Earls Group.)

5) What is your favorite part of the CEE major?

I really enjoy the freedom I have to study my field however I like. My field of research deviates quite a bit from from traditional structural engineering, and it's comforting to be in a program that fosters innovation.

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