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CEE 4740 Introduction to the Behavior of Metal Structures

  • Instructor: Christopher Earls
  • Dept: Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Title: Professor
  • Address: 365 Hollister Hall
  • Phone: 607 255-1652
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Lecture: TR 10:10AM-11:25AM HLS 206

Spring. 4 credits.

Prerequisite: ENGRD 2020 or permission of instructor.

Introductory course focused on the use of solid and structural mechanics to quantify elementary behavior of metal structures in order to enable design. The course is project focused; with the students preparing a complete and detailed design deliverable. The course considers applications from civil structures, naval architecture, and aerospace engineering.

Outcome 1: Understanding of steel as a material; its limitations, strengths, and applications.

Outcome 2: Understanding of the variability of environmental loading and uncertainty in strength prediction.

Outcome 3: Understanding the use and origin of standard building codes and specifications.

Outcome 4: Understand the notion of instability and recognize its unique importance to metal structures.

Outcome 5: Execute a “real world” design within the context of a semester long design project.

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