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CEE 5950 Construction Planning and Operations

Instructor: Paul G. Carr (pgc3)

Lecture: F 11:15am-2:00 HLS 366

Fall. 3 credits.

Prepares students for responsibilities in overseeing the engineering and management of construction; on time—on budget. Emphasis is placed on the management processes for organizing, planning, and controlling the activities of complex development and construction programs. Students study the contracts for engineering, architecture, and construction; focusing on cost estimation and schedule control, responsibilities and risks, and the relationships among owners, designers, contractors, and suppliers. The potential for project disruption is discussed with special emphasis on dispute resolution methods.

Outcome 1: Evaluate the client’s conceptual design providing broad, yet accurate cost appraisals.

Outcome 2: Have a thorough understanding of the interactions and relationships among the participants within the construction process.

Outcome 3: Prepare a comprehensive construction cost estimate for a complex building, including general construction, and specialty contractors. Develop an understanding of how this estimate is developed and carried forward into the bidding and cost control processes.

Outcome 4: Develop a project schedule from this cost estimate to determine the overall project duration and critical path.

Outcome 5: Confidentially advise a project owner of project delivery options in an ethical and effective manner.

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