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CEE 4620 Analysis and Control of Transportation Systems and Networks

  • Instructor: Samitha Samaranayake
  • Dept: Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Title: Assistant Professor
  • Address: 317 Hollister Hall
  • Phone: 607 255-5785
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Lecture: TR 1:25pm--2:40pm HLS 206


Prerequisite:  Undergraduate level linear algebra, probability theory & programming (Python), and a basic understanding of optimization, or permission of instructor.

This course will cover the development and application of mathematical models and optimization techniques for the analysis and control of transportation systems and networks, with a focus on urban mobility. We will cover topics related to network routing, dynamic traffic models, static and dynamic traffic assignment, traffic control mechanisms and mobility-on-demand systems (including their connections to mass transit). Students will be expected to implement the algorithms covered in class during homework assignments and complete a final project. 

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