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Masters in Public Administration

After the award of the M.Eng degree, CEE M.Eng students who aspire to a leadership or management position in formulating, implementing or evaluating public policies can benefit from a program that offers an accelerated path to a Masters in Public Administration (MPA) from the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs (CIPA). CIPA offers a flexible and challenging two-year program of graduate professional studies in public affairs that prepares degree recipients for careers in public affairs, public administration, and public policy. Concentration areas offered in CIPA include Environmental Policy; Science, Technology and Infrastructure Policy; Economic and Financial Policy; International Development; and Public and Nonprofit Management. The two degree programs have separate admission processes; so you may apply to the Accelerated MPA program upon completion of your first semester in the M.Eng program. The M.Eng students who possess an M.Eng can obtain the MPA degree in three additional semesters. Applicants should plan on meeting with the CIPA Director of Graduate Studies to discuss which M.Eng credits would be transferable for the MPA program. Please contact the CIPA Office at 607-255-8018 or to set up an appointment. More information is available on the CIPA website at

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