Structural Engineering (Ph.D. only)

The Structures group is focusing its efforts at the frontiers of structural engineering; across all application domains including civil, aerospace, biological, and mechanical. Specifically, the Structures group is now concentrating its considerable expertise in materials, computational and probabilistic mechanics, structural health monitoring, and high performance computing to model, analyze, simulate, and design complex systems that are characterized by multi-physics processes that transcend several time and length scales: from picoseconds to decades; from the atomic to the scale of an aircraft carrier. The group also seeks to establish a reciprocal relationship between experimentation and computing by utilizing physical experiments to observe behavior phenomena, to measure properties and mechanisms, and to validate computational models, and computational simulations to inform experimentation.

Learn more by viewing the Ph.D. in Structural Engineering brochure (pdf).

Faculty in the structural engineering concentration include:

McLaskey research group

One focus of the McLaskey research group is to investigate the mechanisms of earthquakes using a state-of-the-art rock mechanics apparatus.