CEE Graduate Student Handbook – M.Eng. Program

Welcome to Cornell University and, in particular, to the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering.  We hope your year here will be an academically rich and personally rewarding experience. Graduate fields at Cornell develop and disseminate a handbook to support their graduate students in critical ways throughout their progression through the program, from admission to completion. Prospective students also use the handbook to learn about our degree requirements and resources available to support them once admitted.

This hand­book has been prepared to simplify the orientation and registration process of new candidates for the Master of Engineering degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Additional information can be obtained from the graduate program office in 219 Hollister. 

You may download a copies of our handbook below: 

CEE Master of Engineering Program Handbook (pdf)

If you prefer a text-only version, please contact our program staff: cee_grad@cornell.ed