Transportation, Environment, and Health, M.Eng.

Transportation-related air pollution (e.g., ground-level ozone and particulate matter pollution) is an issue of significant importance in the U.S. and across the world.

A large number of published epidemiologic and chronic exposure studies have concluded that fine particles from transportation sources are an important risk factor for cardiopulmonary disease, increased children’s asthma rates and premature death, lung cancer death, and substantial loss of average life expectancy. The M.Eng. in Transportation, Environment, and Health is an innovative, multidisciplinary program aimed at training professionals that will meet the complex challenges at the intersection of transportation, environment, and health for systems analytics and management. The multidisciplinary curriculum is designed in parallel with the world-class research of faculty and researchers at Cornell University, leveraging research and resources at the Center for Transportation, Environment, and Community Health (CTECH, 

The curriculum has a unique focus on systems integration, modeling, and analytics to inform, influence, and change technology, practice, and policy (i.e., legislation, regulation, programs, ordinances, and protocols) at the nexus of transportation, environment, and health.

Project courses
CEE 5061/5062 Project in Transportation Engineering

Examples of projects
1. CU-PPS: Web-based post-processing software integrating activity-based travel demand models with EPA MOVES model for emissions inventory estimation,
2. Optimal ventilation control in complicated urban tunnels,

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Curriculum Overview
The exact subset of courses will be discussed with each student’s faculty advisor based on specific needs and interests. 

Core courses (4 required)
CEE 5650 Transportation and the Environment
CEE/ENMGT 5900 Project Management
CEE/ENMGT 5970 Risk Analysis and Management
VTPMD 6101 Public Health Foundations I 

Elective Courses (5 required)
Students need to take at least 3 credits in each of the following areas: environment, transportation, and health and management

Sample of Transportation Electives
CEE 6620 Analysis and Control of Transportation Systems and Networks
CEE 6648 Transportation Systems Design
CEE 4660 Modeling and Computation for Infrastructure Systems
CEE 6640 Microeconometrics of Discrete Choice
CEE 6667 Transportation Energy Systems Module

Sample of Environment Electives
CEE 4110 GIS and Environmental Analysis
CRP 5840 Green Cities
AEM 4510 Environmental Economics
CEE 6640 Microeconometrics of Discrete Choice

Sample of Health and Management Electives
PAM 5641 Health Information Technology
PAM 6440 Health Economics Workshop
CEE/ENMGT 5930 Engineering Management Methods
CEE/ENMGT 5950 Construction Planning and Operations
CEE/ENMGT 5980 Introduction to Decision Analysis
ENMGT 5940 Economics and Finance for Engineering Management
ENMGT 5000 Entrepreneur and Private Equity
ENMGT 6091 Seminar Project Management
CRP 5120 Public and Spatial Economics for Planners
CRP 5560 Creating the Built Environment
ORIE 5270 Big Data Technologies


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