M.Eng. Programs

Specialization areas

M.Eng. in Civil and Environmental Engineering
The M.Eng. program in civil and environmental engineering is aimed at engineers who wish to improve the depth and breadth of their technical abilities in the context of the engineering profession. They do this through additional course work and participation in a project that contains the elements of engineering practice. Students wishing to obtain a Master of Engineering (Civil & Environmental Engineering) degree may select a major in one of the following concentrations:

Environmental and Water Resources Engineering provides four vibrant, relevant and exciting multi- and cross-disciplinary specialization areas that span much of the environment engineering field, from water to energy to systems to management. 

Geotechnical Engineering
The M.Eng. in Geotechnical Engineering prepares students for the evaluation of large geographically distributed systems, such as water supplies, energy delivery networks, and transportation systems through the development of skills in geographic information systems (GIS). The program is flexible, and is organized for students to broaden their learning through courses in structural engineering, construction management, and geological sciences.

Structural Mechanics and Materials
The program emphasizes mastery in fundamentals of structural and solid mechanics, scientific computing, construction materials, uncertainty quantification, and condition assessment through sensing and data analysis. The professionals emerging from this program of study will be prepared to join leading design firms, government labs, and corporate R&D centers.

Transportation Systems Engineering
The M.Eng. program in transportation systems at Cornell prepares students for professional careers with both private companies and public agencies. The Cornell program is interdisciplinary because the effective development and operation of transportation systems requires integration of concepts from a variety of disciplines, including civil engineering, computer science, city and regional planning, economics, public policy and management. 

Transportation, Environment, and Health 
The Transportation, Environment, and Health track is an innovative, multidisciplinary program aimed at training professionals that will meet the complex challenges at the intersection of transportation, environment, and health for systems analytics and management. 


Engineering Management

The M.Eng. program in engineering management is appropriate for engineers who want to stay in a technical environment, but focus on managerial roles.  Students learn to identify problems, formulate and analyze models to understand these problems, and interpret and formulate the results of analyses for managerial action. The Engineering Management program gives students exclusive access to both the top-ranked Cornell College of Engineering and the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business courses, programs, and activities embedded with an Ivy League University.