Structural Engineering, M.Eng.

The Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) degree enhances students’ technical backgrounds through coursework, team projects, and dynamic class discussions.

M.Eng. Degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering – Structural Engineering Program at a glance

The Master of Engineering Program in Structural Engineering at Cornell University is a forward-looking curriculum that offers state-of-the-art and emerging techniques in structural behavior and design.  The program is aimed at educating highly qualified engineers and preparing them to develop resilient, sustainable, and advanced structures for leading firms and governmental agencies. 

Structural M.Eng. Core Curriculum, Behavior & Design Track, Advanced Materials Track, Analysis & Computation Track, Professional Electives Track, Concrete II, Steel II, Finite Element Analysis, Structural Dynamics, Solid Mechanics II, Design Project

Core Curriculum 


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Yuxuan Zhu

The M.Eng. project is extremely beneficial since it mimics the real world and allows us to communicate with industry professionals and learn from them. During my job interviews, the employers seemed to be impressed by the scale of my projects. I feel more confident about myself going into the workplace. This experience is also a huge plus on my resume.

— Yuxuan Zhu, Civil '21, M.Eng. '22