aerial view of water and freight transportation

Engineering Systems and Management Faculty Research Groups

Environmental and Water Resource Systems

  • Decision Analytics for Complex Systems (The Reed Research Group)
    Dr. Reed’s primary research interests relate to sustainable water management given conflicting demands from renewable energy systems, ecosystem services, expanding populations, and climate change.
  • Stedinger Group
    Dr. Stedinger's research has focused on statistical issues in hydrology and optimal operation of water resource systems.

Transportation Systems Engineering

  • Daziano Research Group
    The work of Daziano and his research group combines technical contributions in the search for more flexible choice models for engineering decision making – such as the derivation and analysis of estimators of advanced statistical models with less stringent assumptions over taste shocks – with empirical applications that necessitate a more flexible approach for providing more accurate predictions.
  • Gao Research Group
    Dr. Gao’s research focuses on transportation systems, environment (especially air quality and climate change), energy, and sustainable development. He also studies sustainable food systems, quantifying and mitigating green-house gas emissions from food supply chains.
  • Nozick Research Group
    Dr. Nozick's primary research interest is the development of mathematical models for use in the management of complex systems. She has particular interest in systems that can be represented mathematically as networks, including transportation and logistics systems, civil infrastructure networks and project networks.
  • Samaranayake Research Group
    Dr. Samaranayake's research interests are in the modeling, analysis and control of networked urban infrastructure systems with a focus on transportation networks. Samaranayake works primarily on problems related to vehicle routing with applications in route planning with reliability guarantees, dynamic traffic assignment and control, and ride-sharing systems.

Remote Sensing

  • Philpot Group
    Dr. Philpot's research deals with remote sensing of the earth, focusing on mathematical modeling of the physical interactions of light with the earth's atmosphere and surface, and the way those interactions affect the view of the earth and water as seen from satellite.