Victoria Hu

What drew you to enroll in Cornell's Engineering Management program? I was attracted to the Engineering Management program because it is a very unique program that prepares students to engineer better... Read more

  • Hometown: Washington Township, NJ
  • Engineering Management
Matthew Reid

Welcome Matthew Reid ( 2016 )

Matthew Reid had an inkling that he might be well-suited to graduate school when he made it through a two-year stint in the United States Peace Corps. “I found I was adaptable when I spent two years... Read more

Samitha Samaranayake

Welcome Samitha Samaranayake ( 2016 )

Samitha Samaranayake believes that we’re at the dawn of a revolution in urban transportation systems. “This is a great time to study urban transportation problems and solutions,” says Samaranayake.... Read more

John Albertson

Welcome John Albertson ( 2016 )

When John Albertson was starting his doctoral studies at UC-Davis in 1993, his advisor, Professor Marc Parlange, recommended he read two books to get a firm foundation in hydrology, fluid mechanics... Read more

Meghan Furton

Senior Environmental Engineering major Meghan Furton did not know she wanted to spend a semester abroad until she sat to speak with an academic advisor named Melissa Bazley, of the Cornell Engineering... Read more

  • Hometown: [empty string]
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering

Addie Lederman

What inspired you to pursue a degree in engineering? I chose to go into engineering because throughout high school, I enjoyed finding practical applications of the math and science I was learning... Read more

  • Hometown: Yorktown, NY
  • Civil Engineering

Valerie Shao

During the summer between my sophomore and junior year, I interned at NASA's Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio. My research focused on engineering an alternative combustion process within the... Read more

  • Hometown: Celeveland, OH
  • Environmental Engineering