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Cresten Mansfeldt

Why did you choose Cornell? My professional answer is Cornell University has an incredible reputation in the department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, my adviser, Ruth Richardson, is a well...

  • Hometown: Mendota Heights, Minnesota
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
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Blair Johnson

Why did you choose Cornell? When I visited, I found a good community among grad students and professors, great facilities and what seemed to me a good place to learn, but still have a fulfilling life...

  • Hometown: Kingsville, MD
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering
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Sustainable water treatment systems

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Megan Rotondo

Megan Rotondo chose Cornell because she wanted a solid engineering school. "Also, I really wanted a liberal arts school, so that if I decided that engineering wasn't for me, I could easily switch into...

  • Hometown: Bristol, R.I.
  • Civil Engineering
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Heather Reed

Heather Reed chose Cornell because she plans to go to graduate school and stay in academia. "Cornell is an amazing research school," she says. "There's a lot of great opportunities to get involved in...

  • Hometown: East Taunton, Mass.
  • Civil Engineering
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Jefferson King

Uprooted by the second Liberian Civil War, Jefferson King, Jr. moved from camp to camp in neighboring African countries before settling in Boston, where he finished his high school education. The...

  • Hometown: Boston, Mass.
  • Civil Engineering
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Andrea Bowring

Andrea Bowring chose Cornell Engineering for its university setting. "I wanted a great engineering school," she says, "but one that was contained in a full-service university so I could take classes...

  • Hometown: Merion, Pa.
  • Materials Science and Engineering
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