Francis Vanek

Francis Vanek

Senior Lecturer
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Hollister Hall, Room 307


  • Born in Ithaca, NY, 2/12/67
  • BA (Asian Studies), Cornell University, 1991
  • BE (Mechanical Engineering), Cornell University, 1991
  • MS (Systems Engineering), Universtiy of Pennsylvania, 1995
  • Ph D (Systems Engineering), University of Pennsylvania, 1998
  • Faculty of Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1998-2001
  • Faculty of Cornell College of Engineering, 2001-present

Research Interests

  • Energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions from freight transportation systems
  • Feasibility of alternative energysystems
  • Integration of transportation energy supply and renewable energy systems

Teaching Interests

  • Transportation systems
  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • Green building
  • Small-scale solar cooking and baking for developing countries

Selected Publications

  • Vanek, Francis, Lou Albright, Lars Angenent.  2016. Energy Systems Engineering: Evaluation and Implementation - 3rd Edition.  New York: McGraw-Hill.
  • Vanek, Francis, Lars Angenent, James Banks, Ricardo Daziano, Mark Turnquist.  2014. Sustainable Transportation Systems Engineering.  New York: McGraw-Hill.
  • Ingvarsson, Audun , Julien Pestiaux, Francis Vanek.  2011. "A Global Assessment of Hydrogen for Future Automotive Transportation: Projected Energy Requirements and CO2 Emissions."  International Journal of Sustainable Transportation 5 (2): 71-90.
  • Vanek, Francis, Peter Jackson, Richard Grzybowski.  2008. "Systems Engineering Metrics and Applications in Product Development: A Critical Literature Review and Agenda for Further Research."  Systems Engineering 11 (2): 107-124.
  • Vanek, Francis, Louis Vogel.  2007. "Clean energy for green buildings: an overview of on- and off-site alternatives."  Journal of Green Building 2 (1): pp. 22-36.


University of Pennsylvania 1998