Sriramya Nair

Sriramya Nair

Assistant Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Hollister Hall, Room 371


Sriramya Nair (Ramya) is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Cornell University. Prior to joining CEE, she worked as a Post-Doctoral Associate at the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source, an NSF user facility investigating the micromechanical response of alternate cementitious materials. Previously, she was a Research Associate in the Petroleum Engineering Department at the University of Texas at Austin and worked on improving zonal isolation of oil and gas wells and for decommissioning and permanent abandonment of wells. Ramya received her Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and developed a novel set-on-demand concrete based on the principles of magnetorheology. Her master’s degree is from the University of California, Davis and her undergraduate degree is from Indian Institute of Technology Madras (B.Tech). Ramya has over twenty journal publications and conference proceedings along with one issued and two pending patents. 

Research Interests

Nair’s expertise is in the field of developing novel cementitious materials and testing techniques. The vision of her lab is to probe properties from the micro to the macro scale in order to accelerate the use of sustainable cementitious materials. Her research interests include (1) novel 3-D printing techniques (automated construction) using magneto-rheological concrete (with micron-sized magnetic particles); (2) Evaluating the quality and structural stability of 3-D printed concrete using real-time sensing techniques; (3) Employing techniques such as high energy x-ray diffraction, computed tomography and fluorescence mapping to study the micromechanical behavior of cementitious materials; (4) Investigating the use of sustainable, supplementary cementitious materials and alternate cementitious materials for a diverse range of applications.

Selected Publications

  • Liu, X., Nair, S.D., Aughenbaugh, K., and van Oort, E., “Mud-to-cement Conversion of Synthetic-Based Drilling Mud using Alkali-activated Fly Ash Slurries”, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, vol 182, pp. 106242, 2019.
  • Wu, Q., Nair, S.D., Shuck, M., van Oort, E., Guzik, A. and Kishida, K. “Advanced Fiber Optic Sensors for Monitoring Cement Integrity and Zonal Isolation”, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, vol. 158, pp. 479-493, 2017.
  • Nair, S.D. and Ferron, R.P., “Smart cement-based materials via a magnetorheological approach”, Rheologica Acta, vol. 55 (7), pp. 571-579, 2016.
  • Nair, S.D. and Ferron, R.P., “Set-on-demand concrete”, Cement and Concrete Research, vol. 57, pp. 13-27, 2014.
  • Bolander J.E., Choi S. and Duddukuri S.R., “Fracture of fiber-reinforced cement composites: effects of fiber dispersion,” International Journal of Fracture, vol. 154 (1), pp. 73-86, 2008.


  • The University of Texas at Austin, Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering, 2013
  • University of California, Davis, Master of Science, 2008
  • Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering, 2006