'The Bridge' tackles growing need for resilient infrastructure

The severity and far-ranging consequences of megadisasters are establishing a new normal for natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes and wildfires—and a corresponding challenge to the engineering profession to help develop the resilient infrastructure needed to reduce their impact, writes Tom O'Rourke in the latest issue of The Bridge, a publication of the National Academy of Engineering.

O'Rourke, the Thomas R. Briggs Professor of Engineering in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, is guest editor for the July 1, 2019, issue, which tackles the rapidly growing need for resilient infrastructure in the wake of climate change and increasing natural disasters.

The issue contains an editor's note from O'Rourke, an opinion editorial from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and analysis on engineering research from dozens of academics.

The Bridge is a free publication that can be found on the National Academy of Engineering website.


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