Cornell Giving Day is March 11th.

Make your gift. March 11, 2021. Every gift makes a big difference.

Join us on Cornell Giving Day, March 11th! Make a gift to CEE. The School of Civil and Environmental Engineering is so grateful for the many esteemed and generous alumni who support our school. Help our students gain the skills to help make the world a better place.


This year we are raising funds for the following Undergraduate Teaching Labs:

  • Environmental Teaching Lab
  • Fluids Teaching Lab
  • Civil Infrastructure Teaching Lab

Students receive hands-on experience, designing, setting up and performing tests, and recording and analyzing real life data. In the process, not only do students gain skills, they also build the confidence to begin their journey towards leadership in the profession. Funds received will be used to support the acquisition of supplies, materials, software, and equipment that students use to perform experiments in CEE courses.

Your support will have an immediate and beneficial impact in our labs as we meet the teaching challenges ahead.


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