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AguaClara team receives EPA'S coveted P3 Award

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

AguaClara Team

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced that seven university and college teams received the coveted P3 Award for their innovative solutions to some of today’s toughest public health and environmental challenges. One of these seven winners was a team in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Cornell University. AguaClara's "Stacked Rapid Sand Filtration – A Robust Filtration Process For Sustainable Drinking Water Infrastructure" team was one of the seven winners in this year's competition. Their project description read:

"Suitable drinking water is a critical need world-wide, and fresh water is the limiting resource on the planet for the foreseeable future. Cornell University students have built an innovative municipal water treatment system in Honduras that uses a stacked rapid sand filter. They are now improving the design to reduce the energy and water required for maintenance, lower capital and operating costs and simplify daily operation."

EPA’s People, Prosperity and the Planet (P3) award competition was held at the 9th Annual National Sustainable Design Expo. Previous P3 award winners have started successful businesses and are globally marketing their technologies.

This year’s competition featured approximately 300 student innovators showcasing their sustainable projects designed to protect people’s health, the environment, encourage economic growth, and use natural resources more efficiently.  A panel of expert judges convened by the American Association for the Advancement of Science recommended the winners out of 45 teams following two days of judging.  The teams that competed this year proposed potential solutions to worldwide environmental problems including in many developing countries. 

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More information on the P3 program:


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