Three CEE professors receive funding from the Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability

Congratulations to three of our professors who received funding from the Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability Academic Venture Fund.

Professor April Gu is one of the investigators on a project titled "Antibacterial Resistance in Drinking Water." Recent research reveals that disinfectants can increase antimicrobial resistance in drinking water systems. This project will investigate antimicrobial resistance in municipal drinking water supplies.

Professor Todd Cowen is working on the research project "Reducing Health Care Workers’ Risk From Disease Spread." Researchers will develop, monitor and model mitigation strategies for medical facilities to protect the safety of health care workers from COVID-19 in New York City.

Assistant Professor Sriramya Nair's research project is "Improving the Cementation of Geothermal Wells." For further development of geothermal energy technology, the proper construction of well walls is critical. This project will identify and test well wall materials.

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