Andrea Hektor

Andrea Hektor

Class year: '05, M.Eng. '06
Job title: Senior Engineer
Company/Organization: Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG)

Position Responsibilities: As Senior Engineer, Andrea's main focus is with architects, owners, and contractors regarding the many facets of architectural designs and construction traditions.

Most memorable experience while in CEE:  “The concrete canoe Team! One year our boat literally broke in half across the middle, such that we were left with two long pieces. We duct-taped it back together and then myself and another woman proceeded to win one of the two-woman rowing races. It was fantastic.”

Advice for graduating students entering the workforce: “If you genuinely like what you do and enjoy your work, chances are you will be successful. If you’re not having fun at work at least 60% of the time, you might not be in the right place, or you might not be doing the right thing. Success and your own happiness go hand-in-hand, and I do not think it is possible to achieve one without the other. It is important to recognize if you are not happy on a regular basis- and if that happens for an extended period of time, you should feel confident enough to find another job. I have seen far too many people particularly women, (myself included), stay in positions that were not good for them, simply because they thought the eventual rewards would be worth it or because they did not think they were valuable enough to go out and find another position. Maintain high standards for yourself and have fun daily.”

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