Clara Fontaine

Clara Fontaine
  • Hometown: Falls Church, VA

Tell us about yourself.
Hi! I'm an Engineering Management M.Eng. student, and have a Bachelor's in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I'm an avid dancer, cat-lover, cook, and hiker. I discovered my love for expressing myself through dance at Cornell through Cornell Bhangra and Breakfree DTI. I also spent many of my weekends hiking the gorges and lakes around Ithaca, frequenting the Alley Cat Cafe, and cooking and baking with my friends. 

Why Engineering Management?
I chose to join the EM program because I want to be an active contributor to technology policy. I want to be a leader in ensuring that new technologies are employed equitably, safely, and responsibly for the public good. Through this EM program, I have learned important skills in project organization, emotional intelligence, leadership, negotiation, and collaboration that will equip me to pursue a technological policy career in the public, non-profit, or public-benefit sector. 

Why did you choose the Cornell Engineering Management program?
I fell in love with my Cornell community during my undergraduate years. I found a strong sense of belonging in my diverse communities and felt empowered to take on challenges that resonate with my values, passions, and political responsibilities. When I learned about the Cornell M.Eng. program in Engineering Management, I couldn't resist the opportunity to further my career, strengthen my Cornell relationships, and spend more time on this beautiful campus!

What inspires you?
Connecting with others across differences in community, social identity, backgrounds, and experiences. This is a significant motivator behind moving to Singapore to pursue my PhD in Quantum Technology after graduation! I'm excited to travel across the world and collaborate with new communities. 

Any advice for students?
Challenge yourself to actively create moments of connection with others and approach these moments with curiosity, authenticity, and an open mind! Appreciate every minute you have at Cornell because time flies and you'll be graduating before you know! 

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