Hannah Kiem

Hannah Kiem

Class year: CEE B.S. '13
Job title: Director of Development and Operations
Company/organization: CRG

Kiem performs the following in her position:

  • Identify land for real estate development projects 
  • Perform due diligence on properties under contract
  • Help negotiate business terms for various legal documents governing our deals
  • Review provide feedback on proformas to model our returns
  • Report to financial partners on deal status
  • Manage consultants and designers on development projects
  • Oversee the construction phase of real estate development projects
  • Assist in the disposition of completed real estate projects

Most memorable CEE experience: “Concrete Canoe Competition during my junior year was a memorable experience. Terry Kent, a former Olympic kayaker, trained us all year on a rowing machine in the CEE lab in the basement of Hollister. I was selected to not only participate in the 4-person co-ed race, but to steer the canoe. Though we practiced in a wooden mold out on Cayuga Lake, (in a snow blizzard!), many times, steering the canoe was still extremely challenging with four people onboard. Not only did we manage to maneuver very well during competition, but we won, beating WestPoint! Needless to say, it was a very fun bus ride back to campus.”  

Advice on entering the workforce: “Once you get into the work force, you will be starting as a new hire and will likely have to grit your teeth for a little while in order to prove your worth. Try not to get frustrated during that time frame and do your best to soak up as much knowledge as you can. If you find yourself bored or not challenged enough, find a process or some sort of work that needs improvement or extra attention and insert yourself into that initiative.”

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