Class of 1949 Electronic Classroom

The Class of 1949 generously provided for CEE's first electronic classroom. Alumni leadership in this class had the foresight in 1989 to approach the then Director of the School, Arnim Meyberg, to ask what the Class of '49 could do for the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering on the occasion of their 40th reunion. Back in those days, an electronic classroom was an innovative idea. By November of 1991, the classroom was built and celebrated with the members of the Class of '49 attending the dedication ceremony. Featuring state-of-the-art technology, this was the first electronic classroom not only for the School but also for the College of Engineering. 

Located in 366 Hollister, this classroom was fully renovated in 2016, updated with the latest technologies to meet the current demands of teaching, presentations and distance learning.

front view of 366
Class of 1949 Classroom

366 side view with people
Class of 1949 Classroom 2016 Dedication

Alumni and students posing for a photo in 366

Alumni and Emeritus in 366