Bovay Laboratory Complex

Earthquakes, landslides, heavy traffic areas—all of these conditions have effects on bridges, buildings, tunnels, buried pipelines, and other critical lifeline facilities.

In the Civil Infrastructure Lab, CEE students receive hands-on experience, observing what large forces and displacements can do to soil, concrete, steel, and other fabricated materials and structures.

In lecture courses, students have learned the fundamentals and built models to predict effects, but it is in the laboratory that such models are tested and validated, often prompting new theories and new models of infrastructure-behavior.

The 12,500-sq-ft Bovay Civil Infrastructure Laboratory Complex has several components:

Contact for Lab:

James Strait
Manager of Tech Services, Bovay Lab
B02 Thurston Hall /130 Hollister Drive
Ithaca, NY  14853

Phone: 607-255-4078
Cell: 607-592-6648