Reed L. McJunkin ’32 Electronics Laboratory

The McJunkin electrical workspace provides a clean environment in which to work on electronic components and measuring systems for large and small scale testing in labs. Mr. Reed L. McJunkin, CEE Class of 1932, provided funds to have the space built.

Mr. Reed L. McJunkin, CEE Class of 1932

The McJunkin Room is conveniently located adjacent to other work spaces within the Bovay Laboratory Complex, allowing the staff to monitor student projects, while offering assistance quickly, and ensuring lab safety procedures. The McJunkin Workspace is currently being used by the McLaskey Research Group.

“I work to understand the effect of fluid injection on stressed faults in the earth by conducting laboratory earthquake experiments.

McLaskey with students in lab.

To simulate fluid induced earthquakes, I load two pieces of PMMA (similar to plexiglass) in a biaxial shearing apparatus to simulate a fault, then inject fluid directly onto the fault to create slip between the two halves of the simulated fault.” - Sara Beth Leach Cebry, Ph.D. student and member of the McLaskey Research Group