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Merrill Scholars honor mentors who inspired them

At a luncheon on May 21, 42 Merrill Scholars celebrated the mentors who had the greatest influence on their early education and the Cornell faculty or staff members who contributed most significantly to their college experience. Read more

Nair recieves 2024 American Concrete Institute, Walter P. Moore Jr. Faculty Achievement Award

At the 2024 American Concrete Institute convention, Sriramya Duddukuri Nair was the recipient of the 2024 American Concrete Institute, Walter P. Moore Jr. Faculty Achievement Award "in recognition of her work at the forefront of concrete education, where her inclusion of innovative topics and technology allows the next generation of students to engage with tools that are revolutionizing civil engineering.” The Walter P. Moore, Jr., Faculty Achievement Award recognizes new faculty members for excellence and innovation in the teaching of concrete design, materials, or construction. The award... Read more

China’s bid to decarbonize may have hidden costs

A new paper attempts to quantify how decarbonizing the China Southern Power Grid, which provides electricity to more than 300 million people, will negatively impact river basins and will reduce the amount of cropland in China. Read more

Low-cost microbe can speed biological discovery

To conduct low-cost and scalable synthetic biological experiments, Cornell researchers have created a new version of a microbe to compete economically with E. coli – a bacteria used to synthesize proteins. Read more

IEEE CSS Magazine features Malikopoulos, mechanism design theory

Readers can get acquainted with one of Cornell’s newest engineering faculty members and his insights into mechanism design theory in the February issue of IEEE Control Systems Magazine. The latest issue features a profile on Andreas A. Malikopoulos, professor in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and includes a review paper on mechanism design theory coauthored by Malikopoulos. In the magazine’s “ People in Control” section, Malikopoulos details his career path from General Motors and Oak Ridge National Laboratory to Cornell Engineering and the origins of his Information and... Read more