News: CEE

Project aims to unveil secrets about cell size diversity

A new research project co-led by Cornell Engineering aims to unravel the physical limits of cell size in budding yeast, with the ultimate goal of learning more about how cells, the fundamental units of life, modulate size control during evolution. Read more

The human dimensions of water supply planning problems

David Gold, postdoctoral researcher in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, has been awarded the National Outstanding Dissertation Prize for Natural Science and Engineering by the Universities Council on Water Resources (UCOWR). Gold’s research focuses on infrastructure planning under conditions of uncertainty, such as those stemming from climate change and population growth. A key focus of his work is the human dimensions of water supply planning problems, including equity, power dynamics, and financial risk. His Ph.D. dissertation is titled “Advancing regional water supply... Read more

Hover honored by ACI Foundation

The American Concrete Institute’s ACI Foundation announced a new sustained Fellowship in honor of Kenneth C. Hover, professor of civil and environmental engineering. In its announcement, the Foundation noted that Hover’s past and present teaching, communication, research, and consulting activities have positively influenced several thousands of individuals in the concrete industry community and enhanced our knowledge about concrete. Hover is one of the most sought-after educators in the industry and is among the highest rated speakers at World of Concrete, the industry’s annual gathering.... Read more