Risk Analysis with Patrick Reed




Exploring Risk & Equity Challenges in Water Supply Infrastructure Investments for the Federal District of Brazil

Patrick Reed

This work explores adaptive risk-based water supply investment pathways in the Federal District of Brazil (FDB). The FDB is home to Brazil’s capital city, Brasilia, and nearly 3 million people. The historical development of the FDB has been marked by unregulated urban occupation, a rapidly growing population, and strong inequalities in income and water consumption patterns.  Investments must confront climate change, growing drought pressures, and long-term financial pressures.

Dr. Patrick Reed’s Decision Analytics for Complex Systems research group has a strong focus on the sustainability of Food-Energy-Water systems given conflicting demands from ecosystem services, expanding populations, and climate change. The tools developed in Dr. Reed’s group bridge complexity science, risk management, economics, multiobjective decision making, artificial intelligence, and high-performance computing. Dr. Reed is the Academic Director of the Engineering Management Program and the Joseph C. Ford Professor of Engineering School of Civil and Environmental Engineering Cornell University. He teaches Decision Framing & Analytics.