Greeshma Gadikota named 2022 ACS Energy and Fuels Rising Star

Energy and Fuels has selected Greeshma Gadikota, assistant professor in the school of civil and environmental engineering, as one of their rising stars. 

energy and fuels cover with photos of awardeesAs stated on their website, Energy and Fuels has established an annual recognition of Energy and Fuels Rising Stars since 2021 to honor early- and mid-career researchers, (EMCRs), who have made significant contributions to their respective fields of energy research. The journal Energy and Fuels focuses on the science and application domains of energy and fuels, particularly those in the disciplines of chemical engineering and applied chemistry. 

Gadikota’s paper that was selected to be featured is titled, “Confinement-Driven Heterogeneous Benzene Crystallization in Silica Nanopores.” In addition to Gadikota, the authors include Sohaib Mohammed, Hassnain Asgar and Chris J. Benmore.

“We are grateful that ACS Energy and Fuels recognizes fundamental research that is relevant for wide range of applications in the field of energy and environment. For example, our journal article elucidating the organization of hydrocarbons in confinement is relevant for several applications including the fate of hydrocarbon contaminants in porous environments and the molecular basis for anomalous reactivity of hydrocarbons in nanopores for energy related applications. More broadly, we are excited that ACS Energy and Fuels acknowledges our contributions the science and engineering of carbon transformations and resource recovery, which is essential for a sustainable energy future,” said Gadikota.

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