Welcome, Greeshma Gadikota, new Assistant Professor

Greeshma Gadikota

The School of Civil and Environmental Engineering is pleased to introduce Greeshma Gadikota, CEE’s new Assistant Professor and Croll Sesquicentennial Fellow. Greeshma Gadikota was recently awarded a grant from the Department of Energy’s early career program. 

Melanie Lefkowitz writes in the Chronicle article, Three on faculty awarded DOE early career grants, "Gadikota will use the funds to pursue her research in developing clean methods for storing and delivering energy, while simultaneously converting the carbon dioxide created in energy production to a useful, environmentally harmless solid. For example, converting carbon dioxide to calcium or magnesium carbonate would create a potential construction material. Gadikota aims to harness X-ray scattering techniques to observe chemical reactions as they occur, which could yield information enabling researchers to produce hydrogen without creating greenhouse gases, or to observe the reaction environments for any solid-liquid-gas system. Gadikota received her bachelor’s degree in 2007 from Michigan State University and her doctorate in chemical engineering in 2014 from Columbia University. At Cornell, Gadikota also directs the Sustainable Energy and Resource Recovery Group."

“We want to uncover the whole story,” Gadikota said, “and by doing this we hope to develop techniques that are scientifically universal.” 

This semester Dr. Gadikota is teaching Energy Technologies and Subsurface Resources, which aims to provide fundamental insights into the reactive processes related to harnessing subsurface environments for energy and resource recovery, acid and greenhouse gas capture, utilization, and storage mechanisms, sustainable recovery of high value materials from low-value substrates and integration of valorized materials from energy and resource generating processes back into the environment.

Read the full article about the DOE award:

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