Grad student spotlight: Eirini Sarri

Eirini Sarri and Mike Rolband in inner tubes in a pond, smiling
Eirini Sarri is pursuing a Master's of Engineering in Civil and Environmental Engineering with an Environmental Water Resources and Systems focus.
Q. Can you talk about your area of research?

A. I am interested in many aspects of environmental engineering and that’s why during my time at Cornell I have taken many different classes, such as Water and Surface Chemistry, Safe Water on Tap, Watershed Engineering, and Energy Resources and Subsurface Technologies. My main focus currently is Wetland and Stream Restoration and I’ve had the pleasure to do multiple projects in this field with CEE 5021 / CEE 5022 / CEE 6025: Wetland and Stream Restoration with Professor of Practice Mike Rolband. 
Eirini Sarri and Mike Rolband in inner tubes in a pond, smilingQ. What are your interests outside of your studies? 
A. I am very involved with the Cornell Chapter of Engineers without Borders, where I am working on designing and implementing an irrigation system in Sunuka, Tanzania this summer. 
Cornell has provided me with ample opportunities to explore my interests and passions and I can’t thank the other students as well as my professors enough for inspiring me to become the best I can be.

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