Matthew Calo

Matt Calo

Matthew Calo

Class year: CEE BS ’15 MEng ‘16

Job Title: Senior Engineer within Thornton Tomasetti’s Protective Design and Security Practice

In his position at Thornton Tomasetti (TT), Matt focuses on the design and analysis of structures subjected to blast loads. Given his knowledge and experience he has assisted in the designs of embassies, courthouses and data centers.  He is also involved in the design and construction of anti-ram security barriers in dense urban environments. 

Matt CaloMatt strongly encourages undergraduates who are undecided about their major, to look into the opportunities that exist within Civil and Environmental Engineering. “It can be easy to assume that civil engineers just design bridges, buildings, or dams, but the opportunities are limitless. At TT alone, some of my colleague’s model fluid flow through the human heart while others test naval ships subjected to underwater threats. The skills taught at Cornell can be easily transferred to these nontraditional fields.”

Matt’s biggest piece of advice to new engineers entering the workforce is “to stay curious and eager. It’s difficult to stay humble after graduating from a challenging program, but having the humility to continuously ask questions and look for new opportunities will keep work exciting and help you develop quickly. It’s important to remember that you are a part of a team which depends on you for success. Show up early, say yes to new opportunities, and always lend a hand to coworkers.”

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