Mike Rolband

Mike Rolband

Class year: CEE B.S. '80, M.Eng. '81, MBA '82
Job title: Chairman and Chief Technical Officer
Company/organization:  Wetland Studies and Solutions, Inc.

Most memorable CEE experience: Rolband is most grateful for the “great friendships that have lasted 40+ years – with classmates and professors – and my wife." Reflecting on his graduate school days and M.Eng. design project experience – "It gave us an amazingly strong transition to the real life engineering world, management, and teamwork." In addition, he adds, “it has been a pleasure to have the opportunity to give back to CEE as a Professor of Practice.”

Advice on entering the workforce: “90% of the secret to succeeding in the workforce is simple: Show up on time (or early), and Respond to everyone Promptly, Professionally and Precisely. The other 10% is difficult – it takes Persistence (see Calvin Coolidge), Hard Work, and Luck. As you go through your professional life, do your best to:

  • Read Everything – and never stop learning;
  • Participate – be involved – in your company, community, and profession;
  • Follow the Golden Rule your mother taught you – and remember that some people follow a corollary, and think that having the Gold lets them make the rules - so be careful;
  • Understand Finance – it is just as critical as the technical aspects of engineering, and actually quite simple; and
  • Be a Scout: Leave No Trace (some now may call this Sustainability); and 
  • Be Truthful.

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