Nate Delaney

Nate Delaney standing by a Cirrus Aircraft.

Class year: CEE B.S. 2008
Job Title: Sales Director
Company: Cirrus Aircraft

Nate entered Cornell’s School of CEE with a slightly different motivation than most. Engineering degrees are highly sought after by the military, and he was awarded an Air Force ROTC scholarship based on his completion of a technical major. He determined CEE was one of the more relevant areas to many facets of life, and would be a great foundation for whatever he ended up doing in the military.

In his junior year of college, he was selected for Pilot Training in the Air Force, which he completed upon graduation. He then went on to fly KC-135 Stratotanker refueling aircraft for six years and was able to fly hundreds of missions in support of our country, both domestically and in the Middle East. He is now the Sales Director for Cirrus Aircraft, one of the leading aircraft manufacturers in General Aviation. This is a position he enjoys immensely while getting to fly almost daily.

“I reflect back to Cornell, and more specifically the CEE program, and think about how it helped me. The answer is, it taught me how to work hard, think technically and critically, and balance a number of different life events at once. I had the privilege of taking a semester to study in Australia, which was an experience I HIGHLY recommend to anybody going through the program. That experience allowed me to not only study in a different environment, but reflect on what was important to me moving forward.”

“Cornell allowed me the environment to learn important life skills that apply to any area, and the people and courses of the CEE program helped me to build a work ethic that transcends industries.”

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