Tridaya Karuturi

Tridaya Karuturi with friends
  • Hometown: Hyderabad, India
  • Engineering Management, M.Eng.

Tridaya Karuturi with carved pumpkinHighlight from your time at Cornell:
One big highlight from my time at Cornell is undoubtedly the network I have developed. I interacted with industry leaders and successful entrepreneurs through various resources and guest lectures offered by Cornell. This is something I would carry forward and leverage the advice gained from them to achieve my personal and professional goals.

Favorite class and/or professor:
I really enjoyed Data Driven Marketing Class at Johnson's School taught by Professor Sachin Gupta. I learned a great deal on how to effectively use analytics in Marketing.

Tridaya in snowWhat inspires you:
What inspired me and inspires me is the constant urge to learn new things every day. It keeps me going and makes me a better individual than I was yesterday.

Something you will miss:
This could probably my last time attending a school/college and I will definitely miss hearing lectures alongside an amazing cohort. I miss the Cornell chimes and the magnificent view when I walk from CTB to Hollister Hall. I weirdly miss waking up for an 8 AM class in winters and the beautiful Ithaca covered in snow.

Advice for incoming students:
Incoming students especially International students might get inhibited with culture change or dealing with hectic schedules. It is tough but no one remembers the nights you slept really well either. I would like to tell them a quote which I really like "If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough." So, take that step forward every day and you will end up having a lot of memories to cherish and a wonderful time at Cornell.

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