Transportation Systems Engineering M.S. & Ph.D.

Planning, design and management of multimodal transportation systems is an area in which engineers can contribute to addressing a wide variety of challenges, ranging from congestion to security to environmental impact.

A transportation system includes vehicles, network infrastructure and information technology, used both for monitoring and control and to provide information to users of the system. The interactions of people with the system are especially complex and important. Faculty are currently pursuing research in automated traveler information systems, freight transportation and security concerns, transportation of hazardous materials, and air quality issues in urban transportation. Study in transportation systems engineering often includes work in related areas such as economics, operations research, systems engineering, city and regional planning, and management.

Transportation Systems Engineering

Additional information can be found by viewing the M.S./Ph.D. in Transportation Systems brochure (pdf). If you need an accessible copy of this document contact

Faculty in the Transportation Systems Engineering area include:

CEE is also home to the Center for Transportation, Environment, and Community Health (CTECH), a consortium of universities researching and developing new transportation innovations to limit adverse impacts on public health and the environment. In December of 2016, Cornell received $7 million in U.S. Department of Transportation funding over five years to establish and lead the center. Associate Professor Oliver Gao is principal investigator. Learn more by visiting the CTECH website.