Rohini Gupta smiling

Ph.D. Student Spotlight: Rohini Gupta

Rohini Gupta is a Ph.D. student working in the Reed Research Group. What is your area of research and why is it important? Currently, my dissertation research is on reconstructing weather regimes in... Read more

  • Hometown: Carbondale, IL
Shaopeng Du in front of CEE sign

Shaopeng Du

Favorite Professor/ class: Dr. Rebecca Schneider Plans after graduation: Getting into an International consulting firm Dream job: Car related jobs Something I will miss: The ice cream from Dairy Bar... Read more

  • Hometown: Taiyuan, China
  • Environmental Water Resource System, M.Eng.
Macy Nicol

2020 Student Spotlight: Macy Nicol

What inspires you? I’m passionate about medical device manufacturing and introducing, scaling and optimizing production for innovative health solutions, so that quality treatments can get into the... Read more

  • Hometown: Woodbury, MN
  • Engineering Management, M.Eng.
Casey Ching weighing a material on a small scale.

Ph.D. Student Spotlight: Casey Ching

Casey Ching is a Ph.D. student working in the Helbling Research Group. Hometown: Brooklyn, New York What is your area of research and why is it important? My research group uses environmental... Read more

Anita Sanchez

Meet Anita Sanchez

Growing up in San Diego, nobody in Anita Sanchez’s immediate family was an engineer. But there is a definite argument to be made that both of her parents were in STEM fields. Her mother is a data... Read more

Marika Nell working in lab

Ph.D. Student Spotlight: Marika Nell

Marika Nell is a Ph.D. student who works in the Helbling Research lab where they are particularly interested in the occurrence and fate of organic chemicals in natural and engineered water systems... Read more

Bill Wu sitting on a bridge with a city skyline in background

Bill Wu, Ph.D. Student

Hometown: Beijing, China CEE research concentration: Structural Mechanics & Materials Lab affiliation: McLaskey research group What is your area of research and why is it important? Our research group... Read more

Eirini Sarri and Mike Rolband in inner tubes in a pond, smiling

Grad student spotlight: Eirini Sarri

Eirini Sarri is pursuing a Master's of Engineering in Civil and Environmental Engineering with an Environmental Water Resources and Systems focus. Q. Can you talk about your area of research? A. I am... Read more

Terrence Moran

Ph.D. Profile: Terrence Moran

When Terrence Moran was 17 years old he decided to join the United States Marines. “I wasn’t a particularly great student and I didn’t really see myself getting much out of college at that point,”... Read more